Trees, maps, and theorems
Effective communication for rational minds

Here are questions we are frequently asked
about ordering Trees, maps, and theorems.

>  Where can I get Trees, maps, and theorems?
>  Is TM&Th available in electronic format?
>  Why did you decide to self-publish?
>  What are “special order” codes?

Where can I get Trees, maps, and theorems?

You can buy Trees, maps, and theorems exclusively
from us, through this website or—for large orders,
special requests, or payments by bank transfers—
by getting in touch with us at .

If you are teaching a course and consider adopting
Trees, maps, and theorems as text for it, you can
request an examination copy at .

If you are a bookstore serving a US university that
adopted Trees, maps, and theorems as textbook,
check with us at for discounts,
return policy, and the like. (And, yes, we can ship
UPS Collect from our fulfillment center in Michigan.)

Is Trees, maps, and theorems available in electronic format?

Trees, maps, and theorems is available in printed
format only. Besides the lack of a reliable standard
to manage digital rights, our decision to distribute
a physical book only stems from a design choice:
Trees, maps, and theorems is meant to be viewed
one spread (two pages) at a time in high resolution,
a wish little compatible with the shrinking screens
on which readers seem to want to view e-books.

A printed book is admittedly more expensive to ship and more cumbersome to carry around, but we feel
that the quality achieved outweighs the drawbacks.
For future books, we may consider electronic formats
and design the pages accordingly (as we did for our
booklet on Traditions, templates, and group leaders);
for Trees, maps, and theorems, in contrast, we will
continue to distribute a physical, printed book only.

While we regularly receive requests for an electronic
version of Trees, maps, and theorems, we also get
a lot of support and understanding for our decision
to stay with a physical book, especially from people
who are familiar with our book's content and format.

Why did you decide to self-publish?

Getting everything right down to the last detail
is an undeniable success factor in our training
and consulting activities, so we naturally wished
to ensure the same level of attention in our book:
we wanted it exactly like we thought it should be,
without undue constraints or commercial pressure.

Also, we like to integrate text and layout tightly,
thus optimizing entire pages verbally and visually
at once. This approach requires a design freedom
little compatible with a publisher's way of working.

What are “special order” codes?

Trees, maps, and theorems is the perfect support
for our lectures, workshops, and training programs.
We frequently let the participants in such sessions
order the book at special conditions, via a code
they can enter when ordering from this website.

You can find a list of our upcoming public sessions
on Principiæ's website, under See us in action.