Trees, maps, and theorems
Effective communication for rational minds

Here is what various official reviews in 2009
had to say about Trees, maps, and theorems
(with links to the full reviews when available).

A lovely book, fully exhibiting and using
what it advises about design and content:
easy to read, to use, to re-use.

Technical Communication

Its subtitle, namely effective communication
for rational minds, sums up the book's tone,
which comes through clearly not only in text
but also in its design. [It is] eminently readable
and practical.

Information Design Journal

Jean-luc Doumont has written
a groundbreaking book.

IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication

Here are some of the reactions we have received
from the readers of Trees, maps, and theorems.
Feel free to let us know what you think of it, too.

A stunning piece of work: artfully written,
beautifully designed, altogether respectful
of the reader.

Thomas N. Huckin, University of Utah

Awesome new book from Jean-luc Doumont.
Gorgeous and excellent.

Whitney Quesenbery, Whitney Interactive Design

Terrific—filled with solid, practical, fundamental
advice about communicating effectively. Easy
to use, beautifully designed, an exemplification
of the principles Jean-luc expounds.

David Lougee, former director of Stanford University's
Technical Communications Program

Fantastic, thorough and thoughtful advice
on academic and scientific presentations
and writing […] I am *blown away*
by the quality of the advice.

Derek Thomson, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh

As with all his presentations at conferences,
Doumont gives us exactly the information
we need […] He practices what he preaches.
A valuable resource for any technical
communicator's library.

Cheryl Landes, STC Associate Fellow

I have had it a week now and absolutely love it.
It is quite a beautiful book and I show it
to everyone who enters my office.

Stephen Reynolds, Lion Nathan

Selon moi, le meilleur livre sur le sujet
de la communication pour les scientifiques.

Pierre Boulet, Université Lille 1

Jean-luc's book is an ideal text for those who teach
and for those who wish to learn about or improve
written documents, oral presentations, and graphical
displays. […] Readers can easily follow, understand,
and practice all tips on better communication skills
that Jean-luc has developed over the last two decades.
The book is especially useful as a reference guide
for scientists and engineers to better structure
their written, oral, and graphical communication.

Da Ruan, Belgian Nuclear Research Center

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