Slides and handouts
for selected presentations

True to our principle that “a presentation is not a set of slides—
it is all about someone having something to say to an audience”,
we do not readily make our slides available. Here are exceptions.

>  Quantum space: designing pages on grids
>  TUG 2010: San Francisco, CA (28–30 Jun 2010)

>  Modern myths: shortcomings in scientific writing
>  University of Gent, Belgium (5 Dec 2007)

>  Road signs: finding your way in the visual world
>  STC Summit: Minneapolis, MN (13–16 May 2007)

>  Powerful, stable, XML-friendly: discover (La)TeX
>  STC's 53rd annual conf.: Las Vegas, NV (7–10 May 2006)

>  Effective page layout for the nonartist
>  STC's 53rd annual conf.: Las Vegas, NV (7–10 May 2006)

If you are looking for summaries of our lectures and workshops
on written documents, oral presentations, or graphical displays,
please see the Web site of our book Trees, maps, and theorems.

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