Webcasts and videos
showing us in action

Prospects always appreciate an opportunity to “see us in action”
and judge for themselves. In turn, past participants often enjoy
a reminder. While nothing beats attending a live session of ours,
webcasts and video recordings might well be the next best thing.
Below are links to several such webcasts and videos recordings
you might find useful, including two full-fledged online courses.

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Creating effective slides and Communicating science to non-
are recordings of Jean-luc's lectures for Stanford's
Center for Teaching and Learning
, as part of his speaking tours
of California (Stanford, UC Berkeley, Caltech, UCLA, UCSD, etc.).

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Teaching is not learning is a recordings of Jean-luc's lecture
for The Chicago Center for Teaching in September 2014—
a classic he delivered there every year for six years already.

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Effective technical presentations and Effective scientific papers
are two online courses we developed for SPIE, directly inspired
by the half-day workshops we run at SPIE Optics + Photonics
(minus the interaction, of course). The online courses are free
for SPIE members and available at a small fee for nonmembers.

Nature logo

Unit 4 of English communication for scientists on nature.com
shows several video examples of effective oral presentations,
including a six-minute presentation without slides by Jean-luc
on “What you should know about TeX”. (This video exemplifies
the first exercise we typically ask of training participants, too.)

TEDxGhent logo

Personal efficiency: desirable and achievable is a recording
of Jean-luc's 12-minute talk at TEDxGhent in June 2015—
the essential idea behind his 90-minute lecture on the topic.

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Quantum space: designing pages on grids and Integrating TeX
and PDF seamlessly in pdfTeX
are recordings of Jean-luc's talks
at the 2010 and 2011 annual meetings of the TeX Users Group
(in San Francisco, California and Trivandrum, India, respectively).

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