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The following online resources complement nicely our book
Trees, maps, and theorems by providing additional examples
and by extending the discussion to a range of related topics.

English communication for scientists, the series we developed
for Nature, provides somewhat more language-specific advice,
gives examples of effective papers, presentations, and posters,
and discusses additional situations scientists are likely to face,
such as chairing sessions and communicating in the classroom.

Our TM&Th blog on “effective communication for rational minds”
is inspired by the documents, presentations, and visual displays
we happen to come across. While it can be enjoyed on its own,
it also relates the examples to the the guidelines from our book.
You might find it convenient to subscribe to this blog's RSS feed.

Jean-luc's Facebook page provides announcements, discussion,
visual anecdotes, and more. It is an easy way to stay up to date
with what we do and to pique your brain about communication.

Many of the articles we authored are available through the Web
as well, some of them free of charge, others for a nominal fee.
For details and direct links, see our PDF list of talks and papers.

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