An unusual combination
of knowledge, skills, attitude

We are among the very few trainers or consultants out there
to combine a top-notch business and technical background
with acclaimed communication expertise and teaching skills.
Thanks to this combination, we can tackle the most complex
topics or the most demanding audiences, and—especially—
we approach professional communication in an innovative,
engineering-like way that contrasts sharply with the tradition
of the field, rooted in the humanities. We are thus well received
by engineers, scientists, and business people, who say we are
“on the same wavelength”—a prerequisite to effective learning.

Genevieve Casterman

With an MBA and 18 years of previous experience, including
at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and as executive
director at Fortis, Geneviève Casterman brings to Principiæ
a keen sense of business—and of business communication,
nicely complementing Jean-luc's more scientific background.

Besides preparing or running training sessions with Jean-luc,
Geneviève is our “field investigator” for consulting activities,
and she manages our projects, our clients, and our finances.
She is the person to talk to in order to inquire about our line
of activities, discuss current or scheduled training sessions,
or exchange ideas about possible ways to address your needs.
Geneviève is fluent in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish.

Jean-luc Doumont

An engineer from the Louvain School of Engineering and a PhD
in applied physics from Stanford University, Jean-luc Doumont
is the lead instructor for most of our training projects: he enjoys
nothing more than standing in front of a group of grad students
or professionals, challenging everything they thought they knew,
provoking or facilitating a discussion, structuring their thoughts,
sharpening their skills, and, importantly, arousing enthusiasm.

An articulate, entertaining, and thought-provoking presenter,
Jean-luc is a popular instructor and invited speaker worldwide.
Over the years, he has given hundreds of talks and workshops,
in English, French, Dutch, and Spanish, at an array of companies,
top-ranked universities, research laboratories, and conferences.

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